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Comedy series is back! Nicholas plays Ben. Tuesdays 10pm on BBC3.
Hit comedy is back! Daisy plays sister Sam. Starts Tuesday 10pm on BBC3.
Brand new comedy series. Niky plays Lorna. Mondays 9pm on BBC4.
Satirical comedy about a government whistle-blower. Dustin plays Ludo. Mondays 9pm on BBC4.
Murder by Magic. Alan plays Rhodri Probert. Wednesday 4th February, 8pm on ITV1.
Series 2. Bruce plays Leslie. Wednesday 4th February, 10pm on BBC2.
Series 18. Stuart plays Jason Simons. Tuesday 3rd February, 9pm on BBC1.
Series 18. Mark plays DCI Jim Sullivan. Tuesday 3rd February, 9pm on BBC1.
Comedy series. Mark plays Chris. Mondays 10pm on C4.
'My Games Lounge' blog sum up Robyn's work on Dragonage as "the greatest of all time".
New comedy series. Tobias plays Dr Harries. Monday 26th, 10pm on C4.
New series 4. Charles features in this weeks episode as Raymond. Friday 30th Jan, 9pm on BBC1.
Brand new series. Entirely Beloved. Al plays William Brereton in this episode. Wednesday 28th, 9pm on BBC2.
New series. Robert plays The PM. Tuesday 27th Jan, 10pm on ITV2.
Seminal spy drama series from 1982. Bill plays Lauder Strickland. Tuesday 27th, 10pm on BBC4.
Series 2. Lucy plays Sheila in this comedy series. Tuesday 27th, 10:45pm on BBC1.
Series 18. Squaring the circle. Shaun plays Adam Lansley. Tuesday 27th, 9pm on BBC1.
Series 18. Squaring the circle. Amber plays Yasmin Doshi. Tuesday 27th 9pm on BBC1.
New series 3. Aidan plays Lord Loxley. Sundays 9pm on ITV1.
New series 3. Amy returns as Kitty Edwards. Sundays 9pm on ITV1.
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