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A wickedly dark comedy about love, loss and real estate. Annie plays Cate. Theatre503 until 22nd March.
New comedy drama. Bruce plays Spider. Friday 7th March 9pm on ITV1.
Series 5. The Sinner and the Sandman. John plays Capt Ian Amery Cooper. Friday 7th March 9pm on BBC1.
New political thriller. Bill plays Lord Morley. Thursdays 9pm on BBC2.
Series 2. Sacha plays Prasad. Wednesday 5th 9pm on BBC2.
Olivia tries to transform undateable men with a programme of reinvention. Tuesdays 9pm on Fox.
Comedy series. Ronan plays Dessie. Mondays 9pm on Sky1.
Brand new series. Harry plays Ashton. Monday 9pm on BBC1.
Brand new series. Oliver plays Nick. Thursdays 10pm on BBC3.
Brand new series. Katie plays Bird. Thursdays 10pm on BBC3.
Brand new series. Tony plays Lieutenant Colonel. Thursdays 10pm on BBC3.
Looking takes a candid look at the progressive, unpredictable, sexually open culture of San Francisco's Bay Area. Mondays on Sky Atlantic @ 10.35pm.
History Retweeted is a retelling of world-changing events with a modern twist. Anjella plays various roles -Radio 4 Wednesdays @ 11pm.
Before shutting up shop, the Kumars chat to A League of Their Own favourite James Corden. Saturday 22nd February @ 9pm on Sky2.
Comedy drama. A single mother struggling in the Welsh valleys. Denise plays Collette. Friday's on Sky One @ 9pm.
A detective is assigned to investigate a murder on the Island Saint-Marie. Gary plays Sgt Fidel Best. Tuesdays @ 9pm on BBC1.
New 8 part drama series about a team of firefighters. Thursdays on Sky1 @ 9pm. Rhashan plays Mal Milligan.
Series about life at the Bar & the dilemmas barristers have to face. Alan plays PC Adam Butcher. Monday's on BBC One @ 9pm.
Series about life at the Bar & the dilemmas barristers have to face. Miranda plays Harriet Hammond. Monday's on BBC One @ 9pm.
We are very excited to welcome the Bluestone 42 and Downton Abbey star. Currently starring in The Pass @Royal Court. Show reel coming soon.
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