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Contemporary ghost story. Richard plays Jeff Harding. Sunday 9pm on BBC1.
Double-act celebrated winning in the Presenter category for Absolute Genius with Dick & Dom & Diddy Movies in the Comedy category. Congrats!
Children's comedy animation centred around Wally & his dragon. Philla voices West Country Barbara Baker & more to come! Nick Jr at 4pm.
Stars of new Paddington Bear movie will join Graham on the show. Friday 28th 10:35pm on BBC1.
Series 7. Alcohol. Sandra plays Karen in this weeks episode. Friday 28th Nov 9:30pm on BBC1.
NEW TOWN KILLERS! 18th Nov 2014
Thriller starring Alastair Mackenzie as Jamie Stewart and Shelley Conn as Julie Stewart. Wednesday 26th Nov 11:35pm on BBC1.
Series 8. Only the Brave. Shaun plays DS Stuart Barlow. Monday 24th 9pm on BBC1.
Helen is now making films for both BBC1 flagship shows.
Festive special with a pantomime theme. Catch the show on BBC1 Christmas Day!
Brand new movie. Hugh plays Mr. Brown. In cinemas from November 28th.
Episode 2 in the series, Andrew plays Joe. Thursday 20th November, 10pm on C4.
Series 2. The Moose Trap. Adrian plays Blair Toast. Monday 17th 10:50pm on Channel 4.
Mark is nominated for Best Actor for his role in Line of Duty. Winners announced Sunday 16th November.
The kids of St. Bernadette's embark on their craziest adventure yet! Marc stars as Mr. Poppy. In cinemas from 14th November.
Police satire returns for a full series. Nick plays Warwick. Thursdays 10pm on C4.
Police satire returns for a full series. Stuart plays Tony. Thursdays 10pm on C4.
Police satire returns for a full series. Andrew plays Banjo. Thursdays 10pm on C4.
Police satire returns for a full series. Jonny plays Tom. Thursday 10pm on C4.
Series 2 in the acclaimed crime drama. Lisa plays Marion Kay. Thursdays 9pm BBC2.
Series 2 in the acclaimed crime drama. Niamh plays Danielle Ferrington. Thursdays 9pm on BBC2.
BEING HUMAN: SERIES 3    4th Jan 2011
Being Human: Series 3 Brand new. Series 3. Starring Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow and Aidan Turner, Sundays 9pm on BBC3.

The popular drama will see the housemates relocate from their current home in Bristol to Wales a move triggered by events in the dramatic climax of the second series (to be shown in February), which launched with an audience of 1.4 million.

Repeated 10.30pm on Mondays and 11.45pm on Wednesdays.
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