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Comedian Daniel can be seen on BBC 3 in Uncle and on the circuit with his comedy partner in Ginger & Black. New reel available now!
Series 2. Tensions rise between SHIELD and the Inhumans. Nick plays Lance Hunter. Fridays 8pm on C4. Currently available in London for work.
How Is Lady Pole? John plays Lascelles. Sunday 9pm on BBC1.
Watchdog's Helen Fospero investigates one of Britain's biggest home-building companies. Thursday 8pm on BBC1.
CBBC new series. Joanna plays Miss Jones. Thursdays 4:30pm on CBBC.
Alex plays The Bastard at The Globe. **** The Guardian. Runs until the 27th June.
New series. Ella plays Matt's publicist. Mondays 10pm on BBC2.
New series. Daisy plays Myra Licht. Mondays 10pm on BBC2.
Wolf Hall is up for Best Play. Starring our very own Lucy Briers as Katherine of Aragon. Winners announced Sunday 7th June on CBS.
Ruth is up for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Play for her part in Constellations. Winners announced Sunday 7th June on CBS.
New drama series. Noah, a married schoolteacher meets waitress Alison. Ruth stars as Alison. Wednesdays 9pm on Sky Atlantic.
New drama based in Cheshire. Mark plays Adam Collingborne. Sunday 9pm on ITV1.
David Mitchell and Jeremy Paxman present a different take on the election. Thursday 7th May 9pm-6am on C4.
British Cold War spy thriller. Victoria plays Sarah Montag. Thursdays 9pm on BBC2.
Series 7. Breathe in the Air. Deirdre plays Valerie Cullen. Wednesday 6th May 8pm on BBC1.
Brand new drama series following a group of women in Cheshire. Ed plays Will Campbell. Sundays 9pm on ITV1.
Brand new drama series following a group of women in Cheshire. Chris plays Stanley Farrow. Sundays 9pm on ITV1.
Brand new drama series following a group of women in Cheshire. Mark plays Bob Simms. Sundays 9pm on ITV1.
New series 7. Annabel plays Gemma Nunn. Starts Wednesday 29th April, 9pm on BBC1.
New series 7. Derek plays Walter Nunn. Starts Wed 29th 8pm on BBC1.
Personal Affairs & Being Human actress joins us.Annabel is only 25 and has some brilliant credits to her name, Being Human, Personal Affairs and Jane Eyre being three of the best. She's an experienced stage actress too and worked alongside an array of leading names.

Born in Wakefield, she carries a neutral accent with some trace of her native Yorkshire. The accent can be strengthened or removed with ease. Much of her acting work has been in RP/Neutral and very recently she played a lovable Scouser in BBC3's Personal Affairs.
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