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Male comedy actor
Age 30 - 40s
Confident, reassuring, tough sound. Great depth & lift. Naturally brimming with character & energy.

Star of E4 comedy hit show, Phoneshop.
Comedy, Recognisable, Natural, Blokeish, Regional, Warm, Rich, Deep, Corporate, Gravitas, Legals, Characters.
London *
'Extra' track is a commercial legals clip.
Commercial Montage
Natural Read
London Accent
Promo Montage
Generic American
Phoneshop Character
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David Brent; Life on the Road (Feature Film, 2016) Jezza
Emerald City (TV, 2016) Dorian. NBC.
Ripper Street (TV, 2016) Roy Teague. BBC/Amazon.
Hunter's Prayer (Feature Film, 2015) Robinson.
Cuffs (TV, 2015) Michael Whylie. BBC1.
W1A (TV, 2015) Dave Green. BBC1.
Babyfather (TV, 2014) Officer Neil. Ch4.
Babylon (TV, 2013) Banjo. C4.
Da Vinci's Demons (TV, 2013) Captain Grunwold.
Jack The Giant Killer (Feature Film, 2012) Fye.
Doctor Who (TV, 2012) The Reckoner. BBC1.
The Bible (TV, 2012) Antonius. History Channel.
Law and Order UK (TV, 2011) Abraham. ITV.
Phoneshop (TV, 2010-11) Ashley. Series regular & writer. Series 1 & 2. E4.
Doctors (TV, 2010) Darren Ward.
Hotel Trubble (TV, 2010) Mr. Barker. BBC.
How Not To Live Your Life (TV, 2010) Grant Bibbib. BBC Three.
Mongrels (TV, 2010) Farmhand. BBC3.
My Family (TV, 2010) Finch. BBC1.
Phoneshop Pilot (TV, 2010) Ashley.
The Old Guys (TV, 2010) Jamie Ashdown-Belmont. BBC2.
Cemetry Junction (Feature Film, 2009)
Sherlock Holmes (Feature Film, 2009) Guard Captain.
Big Top (TV, 2009) Milo. BBC1.
Collision (TV, 2009) P.C. Alan Clacy. ITV.
Holby City (TV, 2009) Spiv. BBC1.
The Bank Job (Feature Film, 2008) Quinn.
Monologue (Theatre, 2008) Man. Arcola.
Beautiful People (TV, 2008) PC Argent. BBC2.
Coming of Age (TV, 2008) Andy. BBC3.
The Children (TV, 2008) PC Warrior. ITV.
The Wrong Door (TV, 2008) Various. BBC.
Ashes to Ashes (TV, 2007) PC Bell. BBC1.
He Kills Coppers (TV, 2007) DI Peter Black. ITV.
IT Crowd (TV, 2007) Policeman. C4.
Phoo Action (TV, 2007) Sgt. Copy. BBC3.
The Wrong Door (TV, 2007) Various. BBC.
Pulling (TV, 2006-08) Oleg. BBC3. (Series 1, 2 & Special)
According to Bex (TV, 2005) Vox pops.
Love Soup (TV, 2005) Rufus Parry. BBC.
Silent Witness (TV, 2005) Terry Barnard. BBC.
Dream Team (TV, 2004)
Full Monty (Musical, 2002) Reg. Prince of Wales.
Jerry Springer - The Opera (Theatre, 2001) Steve. Battersea Arts Centre.
The Hobbit (Theatre, West End, 2001) Great Goblin. West End/Tour.
Mark Bonnar
Full Monty
David Ganly
Above Their Stations (BBC Comedy Pilot that wasn't picked up.)
Denis Lawson
Big Top
Bruce Mackinnon
Law and Order UK
Adrian Rawlins - Dominic Rowan
Rudy's Rare Records (Radio 4)
Carla Mendonša
Robert Wilfort - Sharon Horgan
Nia Roberts - Kate Ashfield - Lenora Crichlow - Zoe Telford
The Persuasionists
Daisy Haggard - Adam Buxton - Dustin Demri-Burns - Robert Wilfort - Shelley Conn - Gemma Whelan - Alex Beckett
The Bank Job
Hattie Morahan - Stephen Campbell Moore
Martyn Louis (Pilot for BBC Online)
Justin Edwards
Dream Team
Mark Frost - Charles Venn
Phoneshop (Pilot.)
Alex Beckett
The Bible
Amber Revah - Matthew Gravelle
How Not To Live Your Life
Dan Clark - Greg McHugh - Bruce Mackinnon
Da Vinci's Demons
Gregg Chillin - David Schofield - Elliot Cowan - Hugh Bonneville - Kieran Bew
How Not To Live Your Life
Dan Clark
Tobias Menzies
The Children
Ian Puleston-Davies
Beautiful People
Robert Wilfort
Jonny Sweet - Nick Blood
Stuart Martin - Nick Blood - Jonny Sweet
Juliet Cowan
Andrew Knott - Stuart Martin - Jonny Sweet - Nick Blood
Hugh Skinner - Hugh Bonneville - Alex Beckett - Justin Edwards
Hunter's Prayer
Allen Leech
Alex Beckett - Denise Gough
Improvisation (Highly skilled) For comedy purposes.
Baritone (Professional) Played lead understudy in The Full Monty some years back. Can read music well.
Spanish (Conversational)
22nd Aug 2016
Derek Riddell, Andrew Brook, Benjamin O'Mahony & Killian Scott all appear in Series 4. Monday nights, 9pm BBC2.
Ripper Street Series 4
17th Aug 2016
Ricky Gervais on Andrew Brooke who plays Jezza in David Brent: Life on the Road, out Friday 19th August.
14th Jan 2016
Series 4 will arrive on Amazon Prime Instant Video on Friday the 15th of January. Andrew plays Roy Teague.
Andrew Brooke in Ripper Street
8th Dec 2015
The last in the series. Andrew plays Michael Whylie. Wednesday 16th 8pm on BBC1.
Andrew Brooke in Cuffs
15th Apr 2015
The hit comedy series is back! Andrew plays Dave Green. Starts 23rd April at 9pm on BBC2.
Andrew Brooke joins W1A
4th Nov 2014
Police satire returns for a full series. Andrew plays Banjo. Thursdays 10pm on C4.
See Andrew Brooke in Babylon
3rd Apr 2014
Brand new series 2. Historical fantasy drama returns. Andrew plays Grunwald. Fridays 10pm on Fox.
Andrew Brooke in Da Vinci's Demons
10th Mar 2014
Action-comedy short. Andrew plays school teacher Lee. Available on BBC iPlayer now.
Watch Andrew Brooke in Tag
4th Feb 2014
New comedy Police drama. Andrew plays Officer Neil (Banjo). Sundays 9pm on C4.
Andrew Brooke in Babylon
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