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Male comedian
Age 50 - 60s
Charming, funny, lovable & unmistakable.

Intelligent, trustworthy and respected.
Comedy, Recognisable, Credible, Natural, Blokeish, Dry, Regional, Warm, Rich, Gravelly, Deep, Unmistakable, TV Trail.
London * (Cockney)
Born in Bermondsey.
Commercial Montage
Friendly endline
Alternative Narration
Comedy Narration
Friendly, funny, commercial
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Are You Being Served? (TV, 2016) Mr Harman. BBC
Loose Ends (Radio, 2010) Himself. BBC Radio 4.
The One Show (TV, 2009-10) Himself. BBC. 10 episodes - ongoing.
News Night (TV, 2006-09) Himself. 2 eps. BBC.
Never Mind The Full Stops (TV, 2006-07) Himself.
Grumpy Old Holidays (TV, 2006) Himself. 4 eps.
Grumpy Old New Year (TV, 2006) Himself.
QI (TV, 2004-06) Himself.
Grumpy Old Men (TV, 2003-06) Himself. 8 eps.
Grumpy Old Men at Christmas (TV, 2003) Himself.
Countdown (TV, 1999-2008) Himself. 11 eps incl. Celebrity Countdown!
Never Mind The Buzzcocks (TV, 1998-2001) Himself. 3 eps.
Just a Minute (TV, 1994-95) Himself. 6 eps.
An Evening With Gary Lineker (Writing, 1994) Writer and cameo part as Taxi Driver.
Have I Got News For You (TV, 1990-94) Himself. 2 eps.
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (TV, 1990) Himself. 1 episode.
Excess Baggage (Radio) Radio 4
Loose Ends (Radio) Occasional Host, Radio 4.
The Hot Club (Radio 2)
Richard Vranch
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Clive Anderson - Tony Slattery - Richard Vranch - Neil Mullarkey
Hello Mum
Clive Mantle - Arnold Brown - Richard Vranch
Loose Ends
Clive Mantle
French (Fluent) A good London-Parisian accent!
23rd Aug 2016
Arthur appears in episode 2, airing Wednesday 31st August at 10pm on BBC2.
Arthur Smith in 'People Just do Nothing'
18th Aug 2016
...and it's a veritable Sue Terry feast, starring Niky Wardley, Arthur Smith, Mat Horne & Justin Edwards. BBC1, 9pm on 28th August.
The return of 'Are you Being Served'
25th Mar 2015
***** 'A comical and musical triumph' Independent. 19th-30th April at Soho Theatre.
Arthur Smith: Sings Leonard Cohen - The Extended Mix
14th Aug 2012
Arthur Smith returns to Edinburgh Fringe. 14-27 August at the Summit of Arthurís Seat.
This Arthur's Seat Belongs to Lionel Richie
2nd Aug 2011
Arthur is sober..his guests are drunk. The result..? Now on at Edinburgh Fringe for August. Pleasance Dome 21.40.
Arthur Smith's Pissed Up Chat Show
3rd Sep 2010
Arthur Smith's Edinburgh show "Cobbled Up Shambles" won the award last Saturday for his hilarious contribution to the festival this year.
Arthur wins Spirit of The Fringe Award
30th Apr 2009
Radio 4 and West End comedian launches his book "My Name is Daphne Fairfax" on Thursday 7th May.
Arthur Smith launches his book
No artists shortlisted
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