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Female actress
Age 30s
Fresh and appealing with a light regional accent. Known for her comedy acting roles.

Experienced continuity writer and presenter.
Comedy, Cool, Natural, Dry, Regional, Warm, Sexy, Husky (light), TV Trail, Continuity .
Just a hint of * (Lancashire, Liverpool)
Northern * (Lancashire, Liverpool)
Natural Liverpool accent but it's not strong, often thought of as generic Northern.

Listen through Narration/Documentary reel as there are two different styles.

Extra sample is a series of very natural recordings with our other actresses; Lucy Briers, Kate Ashfield & Lesley McGuire.
Commercial Montage
Natural Read
Liverpool Accent
TV Acting Narration
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The Girl in the Dress (Short Film, 2015) Mary.
The Psychopath Next Door (TV, 2014) Catriona McCann. TV Movie.
Agatha Christie: Poirot (TV, 2013) Nurse Craven. ITV.
Black Mirror: Be Right Back (TV, 2013) Naomi. Ch4.
Kelly and Victor (Feature Film, 2012) Victoria.
Mister John (Feature Film, 2012) Kathleen.
Line of Duty (TV, 2012) DS Leah Janson. BBC2.
The Last Weekend (TV, 2012) Emma. ITV1.
Outcasts (TV, 2011) Carla Shapiro. BBC.
The Trip (TV, 2010-2014) Emma. Ep 1&2. BBC.
Holby City (TV, 2010) Rose Marsden. BBC1.
Hush (Feature Film, 2009) Wendy.
Moving On (TV, 2009) Sonia. "Bully" Episode. BBC1.
No Heroics (TV, 2008) Sarah. ITV.
Survivors (TV, 2008) Linda.
Electric Hills (Theatre, 2007) Jo. Liverpool Everyman Theatre.
Sorted (TV, 2006) Polly. BBC.
Pierrepoint (Feature Film, 2005) Jessie. Granada.
Perfect Day Trilogy (TV, 2005) Kate. C5.
Singled Out (TV, 2005) Kathy. Hatrick/ITV.
Cock and Bull Story (Feature Film, 2004) Make Up Artist.
Nathan Barley (TV, 2004) Clare Ashcroft, leading female. C4/Talkback.
Perfect Day Trilogy
Kate Ashfield - Aidan McArdle - Kim Taylforth - Bruce Mackinnon - Rhashan Stone
No Heroics
Justin Edwards - Nicholas Burns - Amy Beth Hayes
Sheila Reid - Shaun Dingwall
Nathan Barley
Nicholas Burns - Ramon Tikaram - Mathew Horne - Spencer Brown
Robyn Addison
The Trip
Paul Popplewell
Nathan Barley
Oliver Chris - Nicholas Burns
No Heroics
Dan Clark - Nicholas Burns - Joanna Neary
22nd Apr 2014
Award-winning comedy. Claire plays Emma. Friday 10pm on BBC2.
Claire Keelan in The Trip
1st Oct 2013
Dark comedy tale of a nasty neighbour who moves in to shake up the lives of three friends. Tuesdays 9pm on Sky Living.
Claire Keelan in The Psychopath Next Door
16th Jul 2013
The Inn at Whitewell. Award-winning comedy. Claire plays Emma. Friday 26th, 10pm on BBC2.
Claire Keelan in The Trip
5th Feb 2013
New series. Be Right Back. Another trilogy from the dark mind of Charlie Brooker. Claire plays Naomi. Mondays 10pm on C4.
Claire Keelan stars in Black Mirror
14th Aug 2012
Claire plays Emma. “Ford’s writing is surely the best in TV drama since Steven Moffat’s Sherlock.” The Guardian. Sundays at 9pm on ITV.
Claire Keelan stars in The Last Weekend
20th Jun 2012
Hard-hitting crime thriller: Claire plays Janson. Tuesdays 9pm BBC2.
Claire Keelan in BBC2 series: Line of Duty
22nd Oct 2010
Michael Winterbottom's new TV series about a comic roadtrip through the North of England. Also features Paul Popplewell. Mondays, 10pm BBC2.
Claire Keelan plays PA Emma in The Trip
4th Mar 2009
Claire Keelan stars as Wendy. Shaun Dingwall features as PC Mitchall.
Hush: Brit Flick Horror release Friday 13th March
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