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Male comedy actor
Age 40s
Down-to-earth & engaging. Sarcastic, sharp wit & great timing. Hugely flexible with an endless range.

Dave Lamb never wanted to be a cult voiceover artist. So tell that to the 1 million Facebook fans who have declared that the narrator of Channel 4's Come Dine With Me is a legend.
Comedy, Recognisable, Versatile, Natural, Blokeish, Dry, Corporate, Sports commentary, Unmistakable, Legals.
Neutral *
Very Versatile
Listen to character track to hear different accents and characters. Does a very good Northern & West Midlands.

To hear a sample of Dave's very funny sports commentary track, copy and paste this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogN0Bv8cNIM

If you'd like separate 'Legals' samples, please ask.

Dave has a large selection of commercials, if you'd like anything individually or more samples, please ask.
Commercial Montage
Sports Commentator
Come Dine With Me Style Comms.
Northern Commercial
Natural Read
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Come Dine With Me (Voice Of, ongoing) 25 Series. Channel 4.
Goodness Gracious Me (Special) (TV, 2015) Various. BBC2.
Gory Games (TV, 2015) Presenter.
The Tracy Ullman Show (TV, 2015) Various.
When The Dog Dies (Radio, 2014) Radio 4.
Playback By Meera Syal (TV, 2014) Presenter. BBC Iplayer.
Sit.com (TV Pilot, 2014) Dad. Channel 4.
Fifteen Minute Musical (Radio, 2013-2014) BBC Radio.
The Go-betweenies (Radio, 2013) Radio 4.
Stormchasers (Radio, 2012) Top Dog For Radio 4.
Alexander Armstrong's Big Ask (TV, 2012) The Fact Checker. Dave.
Bleak Old Shop (TV, 2012) Neverlost Dunth. BBC2.
Gory Games (TV, 2011-2013) Series 3. Presenter. CBBC.
Dave Against The Machine X 4 (Radio, 2011) Top Dog For Radio 4.
Horrible Histories Gory Games (TV, 2011) Dave. 3 episodes.
Horrible Histories with Steven Fry (TV, 2011) Various.
The Music Teacher (Radio, 2010-2013) Series 3. Top Dog for Radio 4.
Rock and Chips (TV, 2010-2011) Sgt. Foster. BBC1.
The Zoo Factor (Animation, 2010) Mick Meerkat. BBC2.
Revenge Of The First King Of Mars (Radio, 2010) Sweet Talk For Radio 4.
Big Barn Farm (TV, 2010) Narrator. CBeebies.
Reggie Perrin (TV, 2010) David Barnes. BBC1.
Sports Mash - Taking the Mic (TV, 2010) Various. ITV4.
Fable III (Video Game, 2010) Voice.
Elvenquest (Radio, 2009-2013) Series 4. BBC Radio.
Coming of Age (TV, 2009) Ben. BBC3.
Minder (TV, 2009) Colin. BBC2.
Miranda (TV, 2009) Colin. BBC2.
Moving Wallpaper (TV, 2008-2009) Carl Morris. 2 series. Regular.
Look Away Now (Radio, 2007-2010) Various. BBC Radio 4.
Catwalk Dogs (TV, 2007) Colin. ITV1.
Grownups (TV, 2007) Mr Crow. BBC3.
Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle (TV, 2007) Plays the Director. Regular. BBC2.
The Vivienne Vyle Show (TV, 2007) Des. BBC2.
City Lights (TV, 2006) Quizmaster. Granada.
The Late Edition (TV, 2006) Various. BBC4.
Come Dine With Me (TV, 2005-current) Narrator. Channel 4.
Broken News (TV, 2005)
Bromwell High (TV, 2005)
Comedy Connections (TV, 2005) BBC Scotland.
Smoking Room (TV, 2005) Series B.
2DTV, 5 Series (TV, 2004) Various voices
Eastenders (TV, 2004) Bailiff. BBC1.
My Parents Are Aliens (TV, 2004) 1 Episode.
Small Potatoes (TV, 2000) Lead. LWT.
Another Case Of Milton Jones (Radio, 1998-2012) Series 6. Radio 4.
Goodness Gracious Me (TV, 1997-2014) Various. BBC.
Desert Storm (Theatre, 1992) General Mayhem.
Radio 4 Drama & Comedy
Alan Francis - Gus Brown - Laurence Howarth
Small Potatoes
Jim North
Smoking Room
Mathew Horne - Robert Webb
My Parents Are Aliens (Tony & Carla longterm co-stars.)
Tony Gardner - Carla Mendonša - John Voce
Look Away Now
Angela McHale - Laurence Howarth
Look Away Now
Miles Jupp - Laurence Howarth
Desert Storm
Milo Twomey
Horrible Histories
Mathew Baynton
Character voicing (Highly skilled) Listen to character track.
Impersonation (Highly skilled) "2DTV" comedy impersonations, many well known voices & foreign accents - Russian, Italian, German, French, Australian, South Africa, Eastern Europe, Japanese, comedy Arabic. Can copy voice samples.
Various singing styles (Professional) "Fifteen Minute Musical" for BBC Radio & sang in "The Smoking Room".
Piano (Basic)
21st May 2014
Celebrating BBC2's 50th anniversary with a one-off special. Dave plays various characters. Monday 10pm on BBC2.
See Dave Lamb in Goodness Gracious Me Special
27th Jul 2012
With four Olympians, Sunday 8pm on Channel 4. Dave Lamb narrates.
Olympics Themed Come Diner With Me
19th Jul 2012
The unmistakable voice behind the camera is of course, comedy actor & writer, Dave Lamb.
Come Dine With Me: 8pm Sunday on C4
2nd Feb 2012
Reporting from the Fact Bunker, Dave sits alongside host in new series of Alexander Armstrong's Big Ask. Mondays 9pm on Dave.
Dave Lamb the 'fact checker'!
12th Jan 2012
Come Dine With Me. National TV Awards. Live awards show Wednesday 25th Jan 7.30pm on ITV1.
Best Reality Programme: Dave Lamb narrates
16th Dec 2011
Come Dine With Me: Comedians Christmas Special. Fri 23 Dec 8pm on C4 & 7.30pm most other nights over the festive season.
Dave Lamb Narrates
19th Jul 2011
Daily Mail, 18 July 2011.
Dave Lamb named 1 in 5 of UK's most recognised voiceovers.
1st Jul 2011
Series 1 rpts. Dave plays Colin the business man. Friday 8th July 9.30pm on BBC1.
Dave Lamb features in Miranda
1st Jun 2011
New Radio 4 comedy series written by and starring Dave Lamb as Dave & Jim North (pictured) as Jim. Thurs 11pm.
Dave Against The Machine
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