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Male actor
Age 20s
Fresh, sparky and contemporary. Cool & casual.

Edgy young actor. Can age up or down easily.
Cool, Natural, Regional, Warm, Rich, Boyish, TV Trail.
London *
Commercial Montage
Alternative Narration
Natural Reads
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The Art of Love (Short Film, 2016) Franco.
Scott & Bailey (TV, 2016) SCAS Neil Simpson. ITV.
Da Vinci's Demons (TV, 2013-15) Zoroaster.
The Last Witch (TV, 2013) Daniel Herrick.
Leaving (TV, 2012) Jonah. ITV.
Twenty8K (Feature Film, 2011) Ricky Shah.
Aurelio Zen (TV, 2011) Pepe. BBC.
Inside Men (TV, 2011) Naz. BBC.
Kidnap & Ransom (TV, 2011) Mahavir. ITV.
Zen (TV, 2011) Pepe Spadola. BBC1. (Feature Film, 2010) Manuel. Noel Clarke film.
Huge (Feature Film, 2009) Kayvan, Ben Miller film.
Invasion! (Theatre, 2008) D. Soho Theatre.
DNA (Theatre, West End, 2008) Mark. National Theatre.
Being Human (TV, 2008) Owen. Regular, series 1. BBC3.
Holby City (TV, 2007) Satnam Patel. BBC.
Nearly Famous (TV, 2007) Ash. E4.
Waking The Dead (TV, 2007) Nabil. BBC.
A Good Year (Feature Film, 2006) Jemel. Ridley Scott film.
Jackanory (TV, 2006) Prince Sohrab in The Magician of Samarkand. BBC.
Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire (Video Game, 2005) Voice of Ron Weasley.
Mysti Show (TV, 2004) Rob. BBC.
Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban (Video Game, 2003) Voice of Ron Weasley.
Dr. Zhivago (TV, 2002)
Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets (Video Game, 2002) Voice of Ron Weasley.
Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone (Video Game, 2001) Voice of Ron Weasley.
Being Human (All regular/lead parts in first series.)
Russell Tovey - Annabel Scholey - Lenora Crichlow - Aidan Turner
Mysti Show
Laura Aikman - Oliver Mason
Ed Stoppard
Derek Riddell
Henry Lloyd-Hughes
Inside Men
Paul Popplewell
Sandra Huggett - Callum Turner
Da Vinci's Demons
Andrew Brooke - David Schofield - Elliot Cowan - Hugh Bonneville - Kieran Bew
25th Mar 2014
Brand new series 2. Historical fantasy drama returns. Gregg Chillin plays Zoroaster. Fridays 10pm on Fox.
Catch Gregg Chillin in Da Vinci's Demons
19th Apr 2013
The "untold" story of Leonardo Da Vinci. Starring: Greg Chillin, Blake Ritson, Elliot Cowan, Andrew Brooke & David Schofield. Fridays 10pm on FOX.
Da Vinci's Demons hits our TV screens
4th Sep 2012
Brand new series. Gregg appears as Jonah. Mondays 9pm on ITV1.
Gregg Chillin appears in: Leaving
15th Feb 2012
Series 2 of this hostage drama. Gregg plays Mahavir Mehta. Thursdays, 9pm ITV1.
See Gregg Chillin in Kidnap and Ransom
27th Jan 2012
Four part drama series. Every Thursday 9pm, BBC1.
Greg Chillin features in Inside Men
3rd Jun 2010
Supernatural, medical horror. Thurs 4th June, 9pm. Repeated until 9 June or view online. New drama pilot from BBC3 and Being Human's Paul Cornell.
Gregg Chillin stars in BBC3's Pulse
3rd Jun 2010
Noel Clarke's latest thriller is on general release from Wed 2nd June. 4 Girls, 3 Days, 2 Cities, 1 Chance.
Gregg Chillin plays Manuel in
11th Aug 2009
BBC3 hit supernatural comedy drama is showing from Thursday 13th August on BBC1. Stars Russell Tovey, Gregg Chillin and Annabel Scholey.
Being Human comes to BBC1
17th Jul 2009
Being Human's Owen is a new recruit. Cool, London sound. Youth with experience.
20 yr old rising star joins us: Gregg Chillin
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