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Female presenter
Age 20 - 30s
Fresh, happy & friendly.
Acting experience as well as being a presenter.
Cool, Girl next door, Regional, Warm, Sexy, Husky (light), Corporate, Legals, TV Trail.
Neutral *
Just a hint of * (Brighton)
Born and brought up in Brighton. For VO acting sample, listen through commercial montage.
Commercial Montage
Radio Host reel
Acting Commercials
Fast Read
Promo Reel
Continuity Reel
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TLC Channel (TV, 2013-2015) Continuity Announcer.
The Jewellery Channel (TV, 2012-14) Presenter.
Slimming & Fitness Channel Breakfast Show (TV, 2009-12) Presenter, Co Anchor.
Juice FM Saturday Breakfast Show (Radio, 2009-10) Host. Regional station for Brighton.
Collision (TV, 2009) Receptionist.
Invicta FM: Weekend Breakfast Show (Radio, 2008-09) Weekend co-presenter, 8am-12pm.
Omid Djalili Show (TV, 2008) Series B. Singing Presenter.
Pop the Q (TV, 2006-07) Anchor Presenter on TMF (Music TV)
Play Sudoku (TV, 2006) Launched first ever show on ITV2, live host.
Playmania (TV, 2006) In LA for GSN TV. Anchor presenter.
Quiz Nation (TV, 2004-07) Anchor Presenter, various shows on Nation 217.
Yoomedia (TV, 2004) Avago TV. Presenter.
Various singing styles (Can carry a tune comfortably)
28th Apr 2011
Tuesday 9pm on BBC3.
Hannah Peckham voices Fast Food Baby
No artists shortlisted
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