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Female actress
Age 60s +
Strong character, funny & down-to-earth.
Comedy, Authoritative, Recognisable, Natural, Regional, Warm.
RP *
Northern (Lancashire)
Well known as being Northern for her Bad Girls character. She was born in Lancashire, but naturally speaks with an RP accent.
Commercial Montage
Northern Commercial
Northern Bad Girls Style Commercial
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Doctors (TV, 2015) BBC.
An Evening with Helen Fraser (Stage, 2014) Self.
Coronation Street (TV, 2013) Doris.
Calendar Girls (Theatre, 2011) Tour 6.
Billy Liar Tour (Theatre, 2009)
Getrude's Secret (Theatre, 2008)
Royal Family Christmas Special (TV, 2008) Jocelyn. BBC.
Sleeping Beauty (Theatre, 2007) WIcked Fairy Body Bag. Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre.
Vagina Monologues (Theatre, 2007)
Lily Not Live (TV, 2001) Series 2
Bad Girls (TV, 1999-2006) Sylvia Hollamby. Regular.
Coronation Street (TV, 1998)
Gorillas in The Mist (Feature Film, 1980's)
Bad Girls (2005)
Orlessa Altass
Bad Girls (1999)
Simone Lahbib - Alan McKenna - Kim Taylforth
Bad Girls (1999-2001)
Joanne Froggatt - Simone Lahbib - Kim Taylforth
No artists shortlisted
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