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Female comedy actress
Age 30s
Comforting, relaxed, friendly & respected. Great sarcasm if required!

She has a natural, lighter tone to what you might expect. Extremely versatile, comedy, character actress, a past regular in Jon Culshaw's Dead Ringers.

Best known as the voice of Masterchef & she has a whole lot more to offer.
Comedy, Authoritative, Recognisable, Impersonator, Credible, Versatile, Maternal, Warm, Sexy, Husky (strong), Rich, Deep, Corporate, Unmistakable.
Very Versatile
RP *
Naturally RP but can remove all traces to become neutral. Very good with other accents.
Commercial Montage
Masterchef Narration
Natural Read
Audio Book, various character voices
Sarcastic Commercial
Funny Commercial
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Peep Show (TV, 2012) Katie. Series 8.1. C4.
Doctors (TV, 2011 & 09) Mary-Anne McFadden. Guest lead. BBC.
Stop Messing About (Theatre, West End, 2010) Joan Sims. Lead. Tour.
Junior Masterchef (Voice Of, 2010) CBBC.
A Voyage Round My Father (Theatre, 2009) Miss Cox. New Vic, Stoke.
Not Barking But Howling (TV, 2008) Delilah Tripp. Pilot.
36-28-36 (Theatre, 2007) Olga. Union Theatre.
The End of The World (Theatre, 2007) Grace. MMP.
Celebrity Masterchef (Voice Of, 2006-current) BBC1 & 2. 7 series.
The Dinner Party (TV, 2006) Sophie. Parmount Comedy.
Masterchef (Voice Of, 2005-current) 8 series for BBC1 & 2..
One For The Road (Theatre, 2005) Jane. Theatre Royal Nottingham.
Suddently At Home (Theatre, 2005) Maggie Howard. Theatre Royal Nottingham.
As If (TV, 2004) Anita.
Dead Ringers (TV, 2004) Mrs. Baxter & Various. BBC. 3 series.
Damsels in Distress Trilogy (Theatre, West End, 2002-03) Rosie, Page. Duchess Theatre. Tour.
French (Comfortable to read it.)
9th Apr 2015
Catch the build up to the crowing of Masterchef 2015. On all week on BBC1.
India Fisher narrates Masterchef
10th Jun 2014
Series 9: Celebrities compete to win the coveted Celebrity MasterChef title. Weekdays on BBC1 (visit BBC site for dates/times).
India Fisher narrates Celebrity Masterchef
5th Mar 2013
The new contestants are all smiles but cooking really doesn't get tougher than this. Weekdays 9pm on BBC1.
India Fisher narrates the new series of MasterChef
20th Nov 2012
Series 8. India plays Katie in the hit comedy show. Starts this Sunday 10pm on C4.
Catch India Fisher in the new series of Peep Show
23rd Aug 2012
A talented group of impressionists perform topical comic sketches. India plays Jane Eyre. Thursdays 8pm on Comedy Central Extra.
Catch India Fisher in Dead Ringers
16th Aug 2012
Series 7: Celebrities compete to win the coveted Celebrity MasterChef title. Weekdays 6:30pm on BBC2.
India Fisher voices Celebrity MasterChef
16th Jan 2012
Well known voice, India Fisher narrates. Weds 9pm on BBC1. Check out a more natural sound on India's page.
Masterchef begins Tuesday
16th Nov 2011
Naturally lighter than her instantly recognised Masterchef tone. Comforting, friendly & credible.
Masterchef voice, India Fisher joins
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