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Male actor
Age 30s
Laddish and laid-back. Nice energy.
Cool, Natural, Regional, Warm, Smooth, Rich, Deep.
Neutral *
Just a hint of * (West Midlands)
West Midlands
Born in the West Midlands/Coventry so can do the accent if needed. Naturally neutral accent with a hint of regional.
Commercial Montage
Natural Read (all voices)
Blokey Acting Commercial
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Beowulf (TV, 2016) Jogan. ITV.
Taboo (TV, 2016) Thorne Geary. BBC.
Star Wars: Episodes VII- The Force Awakens (Feature Film, 2015) First Order Officer
Newcomer (Feature Film, 2014) Louis.
Our World War (TV, 2014) Fred Steele. BBC Three.
Vikings (TV, 2013-2015) Torstein. History Channel.
Wizards vs Aliens (TV, 2012) Varg. CBBC.
Meconium (Film, 2011) Owain.
Gotcha (Theatre, 2011) Ton. Riverside Studios.
Powder (Feature Film, 2009) Guy de Burret.
Emma (TV, 2009) Robert Martin. BBC.
Mould in Dr. Florey's Coat (TV, 2009) Albert Alexander. BBC.
The Forgotten Few (TV, 2009) Captain John Kent. C4.
Sherlock Holmes (Feature Film, 2008) Charlie. Guy Ritchie film.
Hold Your Breath (TV, 2008) David.
The Bill (TV, 2008) Jimmy Chadwick, guest lead.
Doctors (TV, 2007-10) Duncan Quigley / Nick Thorn. BBC. 2 episodes.
The Disapeared. (Film, 2007) Edward.
Clapham Junction (TV, 2007) Mail Guy. C4.
Emo - Coming Up (TV, 2007) Vincent. C4.
Casualty (TV, 2006) Marcus Dunlop. BBC TV.
Jo Woodcock - Vinette Robinson
Wizards vs Aliens
Tom Bell
Our World War
Dominic Thorburn
18th Dec 2013
One-off TV adaptation of Radio 4's sitcom. Jefferson plays Henning. New Year's Eve, 9pm on BBC1.
Jefferson Hall in Two Doors Down
9th Oct 2009
Jefferson Hall plays Robert Martin in the BBC's latest adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma.
Jefferson Hall in BBC1's Emma.
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