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Female comedy actress
Age 30 - 40s
Quirky, comedy, character actress.

Distinctive, smooth, dry and very funny. Slight accent.

Comedy, Impersonator, Versatile, Natural, Girl next door, Maternal, Regional, Warm, Smooth, Quirky, TV Trail, Characters.
Very Versatile
Neutral *
West Country (Cornish)
Brought up in Cornwall so can slip into a Cornish accent very easily.
Commercial Montage
More characters
Mum Character
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The Increasingly Bad Decisions of Todd Margaret (TV, 2016) Jeanette.
Suffragette (Feature Film, 2015) Woman Prisoner.
So Awkward (TV, 2015) Mrs Jones.
The Delivery Man (TV, 2015) Mrs Nicholson.
Keeping Rosy (Feature Film, 2014) WPC.
Young Dracula (TV, 2014) Lindy. CBBC.
My Mad Fat Diary (TV, 2013-2014) Mrs. Coombes. Ch4.
Miranda (TV, 2013) Playgroup leader. BBC1.
How Not To Live Your Life (TV, 2011) Belinda. BBC3.
The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff (TV, 2011) Hooped Skirt Lady. BBC2.
Sarah Millican's Support Group (Radio, 2010) Marie. BBC Radio 4.
Joanna Neary's Village Hall Variety Show (Stage, 2010) Various. Own show. Tour.
Joanna Neary: Youth Club (Stage, 2010) Various. Own show. Brighton Comedy Festival.
Same Time Next Week (Stage, 2009) Celia Jesson. Brighton Festival & Tour.
Brave Young Men (TV, 2009) Miss Violet. BBC.
Comic Relief With Katy Brand (TV, 2009) Sadie Frost. BBC.
Ketch and Hiro-Pon Get It On (TV, 2009) Love Interest. BBC.
28 Acts in 28 Minutes (Radio, 2008) Stand-up. BBC Radio 4.
Joanna Neary's Magic Hole (Theatre, 2008) One woman character comedy. Edinburgh Festival & Tour.
Katy Brand's Big Ass Show (TV, 2008) Sadie Frost/Various. ITV.
Meebox (TV, 2008) Various. BBC.
No Heroics (TV, 2008) Various. ITV2.
Joanna Neary's Little Moments (Stage, 2007) Own show. Pleasance Edinburgh.
Sarah Kendall's My First Kidnapping (Stage, 2007) Edinburgh Festival.
Angelo's (TV, 2007) Fan of Paul. Five.
Biffovision (TV, 2007) Ruth de Deux. BBC3.
Comedy Shuffle (TV, 2007) BBC Three.
That Mitchell & Webb Look (TV, 2007) Various regular roles. Series 2. BBC2.
Out to Lunch (Radio, 2006-7) Celia/Various. BBC Radio 4. Series 2-4.
Ideal (TV, 2006-11) Judith. Series 1-7. BBC3.
Green Wing (TV, 2006) Florist. BBC.
Time Trumpet (TV, 2006) BBC.
Last Chancers (TV, 2004) C4.
Angela McHale - Sharon Horgan
Adam Buxton
Time Trumpet
Adam Buxton
That Mitchell & Webb Look
Robert Webb - David Mitchell
Katy Brand's Big Ass Show
Katy Brand
Brave Young Men
Marc Wootton
Last Chancers
Adam Buxton
Sarah Kendall's My First Kidnapping
Justin Edwards
The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff
David Mitchell - Robert Webb
Writing Team
Olivia Poulet
No Heroics
Dan Clark - Nicholas Burns - Claire Keelan
Comedy Shuffle
Katy Wix
Brave Young Men
Jonny Sweet - Mathew Baynton - Marc Wootton
My Mad Fat Diary
Nico Mirallegro
How Not To Live Your Life
Dan Clark
Brave Young Men
Hugh Skinner - Marc Wootton
Various singing styles (Skilled) Past choir member, sang at Brighton Music Festival, confident musical parodies.
Russian (Currently taking lessons)
Guitar (Competent) Used to be in girl band, played it in The Last Chancers on TV.
14th Oct 2016
Joanna plays Elena in the 5 part podcast. Listen to it on
Joanna Neary in 'A Girl of Ivory' podcast
13th Aug 2015
The much-loved Celia, housewife and host, returns, on tour with her Toxborough Village Hall Chat Show. The Assembly, Aug 13-16, 18-30.
Jo Neary: Faceful of Issues @Ed Fringe
20th May 2015
CBBC new series. Joanna plays Miss Jones. Thursdays 4:30pm on CBBC.
See Joanna Neary in So Awkward
16th Dec 2011
Comedy character actress, Jo plays Hooped Skirt Lady! Mon 19th Dec, 8.30pm on BBC2. Rpt Thurs 29th Dec 10pm.
Bleak Old Shop of Stuff: Joanna Neary
2nd Sep 2011
Joanna will play Judith in 'Coma Girl', part of The Channel 4 comedy showcase. Friday 9th September at 10.30 on C4.
Joanna appears in Coma Girl
2nd Aug 2011
Hilarious story of teenage longing, crushed dreams, weak squash and table tennis.'Character comedy of the highest order’ (List). The Stand, Edinburgh 15.50.
Joanna Neary: Youth Club
25th May 2011
Our newest comedy addition returns as Judith on Thursdays 10.30pm on BBC3.
Joanna Neary stars in BBC3 comedy, Ideal
6th May 2011
We're very excited to welcome the hilarious, unique, Perrier Award nominee, Joanna to our books.
Comedy Actress Joanna Neary has joined us!
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