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Female actress
Age 20 - 30s
Pure, fresh, clean and soothing. Lovely range.

Comedy, Natural, Girl next door, Warm, Sexy, Smooth, Rich, Corporate, TV Trail.
Neutral *
Very Versatile
Scottish *
We primarily sell Morven's Neutral voice. She switches from natural Highland (Loch Lomond) into Neutral on a daily basis. Naturally speaks in Scottish accent but 99% of acting roles are Neutral. You'd have no idea there's even an ounce of Scottish in there. Listen, and you'll find out!

Superb French accent, clip attached.

Extra sample is a beauty commercial.

If you need a promo sample, please email.
Commercial Montage
Scottish Narration
Scottish Commercials
Corporate English & French
Controlled, Sexy Brand VO
Natural Read: English & Scottish
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Between Places (Short Film, 2014) Liv.
Death in Paradise (TV, 2014) Sally Goodman. BBC1.
From There to Here (TV, 2014) Louise. BBC1.
Grantchester (TV, 2014) Amanda Kendall. ITV.
Silent Witness (TV, 2014) DS Sally Kirchner. BBC1.
The Date (Short Film, 2013) Mona.
Agatha Christie: Poirot (TV, 2012) Elsie Clayton. ITV.
Hunted (TV, 2012) Zoe Morgan. BBC1.
Twenty Twelve (TV, 2012) Fi Healey. BBC2.
Gee Gee (Feature Film, 2011) Peaches.
Men Should Weep (Theatre, West End, 2011) Isa. National Theatre.
Case Histories (TV, 2011) Michelle.
Sirens (TV, 2011) Kirsty. Channel 4.
The Sinking of The Laconia (TV, 2011) Laura Ferguson. TV feature drama.
Survivors (TV, 2010) Judy. Series 2.
Cherry Orchard (Theatre, West End, 2009) Anya. The Bridge Project with Sam Mendes, Old Vic & Broadway.
Winter's Tale (Theatre, West End, 2009) Perdita. The Brige Project with Sam Mendes, Old Vic & Broadway.
Monday Monday (TV, 2009) Sally, lead. ITV.
Young Victoria (Feature Film, 2008) Watson.
Lost in Austen (TV, 2008) Jane Bennett. ITV.
Oliver Twist (TV, 2007) Rose. BBC.
King John (Theatre, 2006) Blanche. Royal Shakespeare Co.
Romeo and Juliet (Theatre, 2006) Juliet. Royal Shakespeare Co.
The Flying Scotsman (Feature Film, 2005) Katie.
When You Cure Me (Theatre, 2005) Rachel. Lead. Bush Theatre.
Festen (Theatre, West End, 2005) Pia. Lyric.
Family Man (TV, 2005) Joanne. BBC.
House of Nine (Feature Film, 2004) Shona.
Quite Ugly One Morning (TV, 2004) DS Jenny Dunlop, lead. ITV.
Teachers (TV, 2004) Anna.
2nd Quest (TV, 2003) Nina. Yorkshire TV.
Monday Monday
Nicholas Burns
The Sinking of The Laconia
Andrew Buchan - Nicholas Burns
Lost in Austen
Hugh Bonneville - Elliot Cowan - Perdita Weeks
Robyn Addison
Annie Hulley - Amy Beth Hayes - Joe Dixon
Twenty Twelve
Karl Theobald - Hugh Bonneville - Lucy Briers - Samuel Barnett - Alex Beckett
Death in Paradise
Gary Carr - Kathryn Drysdale - Vinette Robinson - Jo Woodcock - Lisa Faulkner - Mathew Horne - Mark Bazeley
Mezzo Soprano (Professional)
French (Basic) Very good accent.
Spanish (Basic) Very good accent.
30th Sep 2015
Series 9. Under the Lake. Morven plays O'Donnell. Saturday 8:25pm on BBC1.
Catch Morven Christie in Doctor Who
1st Oct 2014
New period mystery drama set in 1950s. Morven plays Amanda Kendall. Mondays 9pm on ITV1.
See Morven Christie in Grantchester
30th Jul 2014
Series 3. Morven plays Sally Goodman. Monday 9pm on BBC1.
Morven Christie in Death in Paradise
21st May 2014
Set in May 1997 in Manchester. Morven plays Louise. Thursdays 9pm on BBC1.
Morven Christie in From There to Here
15th Jan 2014
Series 17. Morven plays DS Sally Kirchner. Thursday 23rd 9pm on BBC1.
Morven Christie in Silent Witness
7th Jan 2014
New series. Morven plays Sally Goodman. Tuesday 4th 9pm on BBC1.
Morven Christie in Death in Paradise
2nd Sep 2013
Fascinating film following a woman whose Plymouth accent disappeared, leaving her sounding Chinese. Tuesday 22:35 on BBC1.
Morven Christie narrates The Women Who Woke Up Chinese
3rd Dec 2012
Best Sitom. Starring Hugh Bonneville, Karl Theobald, Morven Christie, Alex Beckett, Samuel Barnett & featuring Lucy Briers. Wed 12th 9pm on C4.
British Comedy Award nomination: Twenty Twelve
26th Nov 2012
Best Comedy Programme. Starring Hugh Bonneville, Karl Theobald, Sam Barnett, Morven Christie & Alex Beckett. 30th Jan 2013.
Broadcast Award nomination: Twenty Twelve
No artists shortlisted
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