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Male actor
Age 50 - 60s
Rich, deep & strong. Assured, grounded and trusted.
Authoritative, Credible, Versatile, Natural, Dry, Warm, Rich, Gravelly, Deep, Gravitas.
Neutral *
RP *
Mid Atlantic
West Country (Somerset)
Has the tiniest hint of a Mid-Atlantic accent.
Commercial Montage
Mid Atlantic Trailer
Somerset Accent
Friendly Corporate
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High Strung (Feature Film, 2016) Kramrovsky.
Da Vinci's Demons (TV, 2015) The Architect.
A Private Man (Short Film, 2014) Old Man.
Getaway (Feature Film, 2013) The Man (Voice).
Bad Day at the Office (Short Film, 2013) Narrator.
Lucan (TV, 2013) John Pearson. ITV.
A Fantastic Fear of Everything (Feature Film, 2012) Dr. Friedkin.
Death (Feature Film, 2011) The Inventor.
Hard Boiled Sweets (Feature Film, 2011) Shrewd Eddie.
The Holy Rosenbergs (Theatre, West End, 2011) Dr Saul Morgenstern. Cottesloe.
Centurion (Feature Film, 2010) Governor Julius Agricola.
Spooks (TV, 2010) Levi Cohen. BBC.
Power of Yes (Theatre, West End, 2009) National Theatre.
Lark Rise To Candleford (TV, 2009) Old Edmund. BBC.
Miss Irena's Children (TV, 2009) Monsignor Godlewski.
Hotel Babylon (TV, 2008) Sir Christopher Price.
Glengarry Glen Ross (Theatre, West End, 2007) George Aaronow. Apollo, Shafesbury Ave.
Whistleblowers (TV, 2007) Joseph Cole. 2 eps.
New Street Law (TV, 2006-07) Laurence Scammel QC, lead. BBC1.
Hot Fuzz (Feature Film, 2006) Reverand Shooter.
Feast of The Goat (Feature Film, 2005) Agustín Cabral.
George and The Dragon (Feature Film, 2004) Sir Robert.
When I'm 64 (TV, 2004) Ray. BBC.
Monarch of The Glen (TV, 2002-03) Andrew Booth. BBC1.
ER (TV, 2002) Dr. Charles Corday. NBC.
Dark Room (TV, 1999) Adam Kingsley.
Hamlet (Theatre, 1997-8) Royal Shakespeare Company.
Raiders of The Lost Ark (Feature Film, 1981) Belloq. Steven Spielberg.
New Street Law (2006, BBC1)
Lisa Faulkner - Jayne Ashbourne
Monarch of The Glen
Richard Briers - Alastair Mackenzie
Rhashan Stone
Dark Room
Pandora Colin
The Holy Rosenbergs
Alex Waldmann
3rd Dec 2013
Second episode in this 5 part mini series. Paul plays Samuel. Saturday 9pm on C5.
Paul Freeman in The Bible
19th Jul 2012
Fourth part of The Hollow Crown series in which Paul plays Thomas Erpingham. Sat 8pm on BBC2.
Paul Freeman in Henry V
21st Feb 2012
Starring Paul Freeman as Shrewd Eddie in this Crime Thriller. Cinema release 9 March.
Hard Boiled Sweets
14th Oct 2010
Paul plays Levi Cohen in Monday's Spooks. BBC1 9pm on BBC1. Currently available for VO's.
Paul Freeman: Spooks
22nd Dec 2009
Christmas Day at 9pm on ITV1. Paul Freeman stars as Colonel Carbury in Poirot: Appointment With Death.
Paul Freeman in Agatha Christie's Poirot..
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