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Female comedy actress
Age 60s +
Full of character, extremely versatile with accents and not afraid to let go and try anything!

Comedy, Authoritative, Versatile, Natural, Warm, Husky (light), Corporate.
RP *
French Speaking
Born & grew up in Glasgow. Accent knocked out of her at drama school.

Plays Northern in Benidorm. Sample in Character Acting Commercials.
Commercial Montage
Character Acting Commercials
Northern Commercial Endline
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O Be Joyful (Feature Film, 2015) Rita
Pericles (Theatre, 2015) Gower. Globe Theatre
Father Brown (TV, 2015) Lady Edna Forbes-Leith.
Pypo (TV, 2015) Magda.
Containment (Feature Film, 2014) Enid
Comedy Playhouse (TV, 2014) Lady Cairnsworth. BBC.
Doctor Who (TV, 2013-2014) Gran. BBC1.
Psychobitches (TV, 2012-16) Various Characters.
Suicide Kids (Feature Film, 2011) Freida.
Hush (Feature Film, 2009) Mrs. Coates.
Uncle Vanya (Theatre, 2009) 2 week workshop production. Young Vic.
Mind Away (TV, 2009) Nora.
Pornography (Theatre, 2008-09) Edinburgh Festival 2008 & Tricyle Theatre 2009.
Place of Execution (TV, 2008) Ma Lomas.
Room With a View (Feature Film, 2007) Miss Alan.
Benidorm (TV, 2006-16) Madge. Regular. Northern accent. ITV.
Sea of Souls (TV, 2006) 1 episode.
What We Did on Our Holiday (TV, 2006) Mrs. Piscopo.
Monarch of The Glen (TV, 2002) Reverend Alice.
Vroom (Feature Film, 1990) Jake's Mother.
Doctor Who (TV, 1985) Etta. 2 episodes.
Place of Execution
Joy Blakeman
Benidorm (Written by Derren Litten. )
Derren Litten - Nicholas Burns - Niky Wardley - Ella Kenion - Janine Duvitski - Adam Gillen
Monarch of The Glen
Alastair Mackenzie
Claire Keelan - Shaun Dingwall
Billy Seymour - Sarah Solemani
Swansong (Both her & Sheila originally had Glasgow accents but naturally speak with neutral/RP accents now.)
Maggie Service
Derren Litten - Kathryn Drysdale - Adam Gillen - Janine Duvitski
Sacha Dhawan - Billy Seymour
Mezzo Soprano (Professional)
French (Fluent)
9th Dec 2014
Comedy series is back! Sheila returns as Madge. Fridays 9pm on ITV1.
Sheila Reid: Benidorm Series 7
21st Oct 2014
Return to Sender. Sheila plays Gwen Morgan in this episode. Saturday 9:05pm on BBC1.
Sheila Reid in Casualty
30th Apr 2014
One-off from the Comedy Playhouse about a gang of mountain rescue volunteers. Sheila plays Lady Cairnsworth. Tuesday 10:40pm on BBC1.
Sheila Reid in Miller's Mountain
5th Feb 2013
Comedy series. The Media. Sheila plays Margo Servant. Wednesday 13th 10pm on BBC4.
Sheila Reid guest stars in Bob Servant Independent
20th Dec 2012
Sheila guest-stars this Christmas as an elderly local woman, Mrs Jenkins. David Kennedy also features. Christmas day 7:30pm on BBC1.
Call the Midwife Christmas Special: Sheila Reid
14th Aug 2012
Maurice's Jubilee: Sheila plays Helen. 15-27 August at the Pleasance Courtyard.
Sheila Reid stars in Edinburgh Fringe theatre
27th Jul 2012
Stars Sheila Reid, Janine Duvitski & Nicholas Burns. 9pm Tuesday on ITV1.
Series 3 of Benidorm is repeating
15th Jun 2012
Psychobitches: Featuring an all-star cast of celebrated comedic talent. Sheila as Mother Theresa. Thursday 9pm Sky Arts 1.
Sheila Reid in Sky Arts, Playhouse Presents
1st Mar 2011
Series 4 is here. Sheila Reid, Janine Duvitski & Kathryn Drysdale star.
TV ratings: More than 7 million jet in for Derren Litten's Benidorm
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